National Summit to Consider Environmental Stewardship

National Summit to Consider Environmental Stewardship
The National Recreation and Park Association is embarking on an aggressive effort to equip park and recreation leaders to be a voice for advancing environmental stewardship in local communities.

This event will bring leaders in the park and recreation community and allied organizations together in an active learning environment to discover how they can lead and uphold efforts to:

Promote Sustainable Landscapes
Foster the Next Generation of Stewards
Provide Leadership for Sustainable Communities
The first two domains will help participants to gain awareness of the opportunities for parks and recreation in changing what is within our control: the maintenance and management of parks, open spaces, and public lands; and the provision of services and experiences that connect children and youth with nature and inspire them to embrace conservation as a core principle.

The third domain will focus on preparing park and recreation leaders to grow beyond what is within our control and encourage others to replicate our knowledge and experience – be it local and state governments, schools, civic organizations, or businesses.

By preparing our audience to do something about the environment and then set examples for others, this event will chart a course for enhancing the value of parks and recreation in our communities and across our nation.

for more information visit the NRPA website

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