Kids Need Adventure, Parents Need to Teach Them

Kids Need Adventure, Parents Need to Teach Them
Do you get bored with routine? Do you long for more adventure in your life?
Do you think your kids do?
Do you think it matters?

Research conducted by One Poll in the UK in May 2010 reported 85% of children age 6-12 longing for more adventure in their lives with 85% of parents saying adventure should be an important part of their children’s lives.

When I first saw these stats they were headlining a press release from a sticking plaster company, part of a campaign to encourage kids to get out more and parents to give them more free rein. While these are both things I believe in (even though I sometimes struggle to do them myself) something left me feeling a bit uncomfortable about this ‘research’.... commissioned by a sticking plaster company, encouraging kids to get out more; was this just …
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