NEEF Announces Planet Connect Student Grants for High Schoolers

NEEF Announces Planet Connect Student Grants for High Schoolers
Environmental solutions for the future can begin with you!

Whether you’re in a city, rural area or a suburb, wildlife is all around you. In many places, wildlife faces challenges. Are you a high school student with a creative idea for conserving and protecting wildlife and its habitat in your community? Planet Connect is offering high school students grants of $1,000 to implement their problem-solving projects and participate in a local internship focused on wildlife conservation.

Wildlife conservation issues exist all around us—and so do opportunities to address these issues. Start paying attention to changes happening in your community and think outside the box. Wildlife and their habitats are not just located in the woods or forested areas—they are in the trees in your backyard, the shrubs around your school building and everywhere else. Ask yourself, what local wildlife habitats or natural resources are being threatened and by what? What problem is this creating in your community? What can you do to help?

Once you have focused in on a specific issue occurring in your community, think about specific goals for your project, and the steps you will need to take in order to address the problem. Do you see any opportunities to protect or preserve wildlife habitat? In some cases, it may require creating a new habitat or perhaps conserving certain areas alongside development. Think about what kind of project could be developed to address the issue. Can you think of something that could get your…
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