Discuss "The Nature Principle" & Nature-Deficit Disorder with Richard Louv on Multi-City Spring Tour

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Susan Sachs Lipman (Suz) has more than 25 years experience as a writer, editor, social media manager, community builder, and advocate for getting children into nature. She is the author of Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World, which was named a TIME magazine Top 10 Trend of 2012. She has written for the New York Times Motherlode blog, the Christian Science Monitor’s Modern Parenthood blog and others. Suz serves as the Director of Social Media Promotion and Partnerships for the Children & Nature Network.

Richard Louv will be appearing across the U.S. and Canada this spring in a nationwide effort to build the movement to connect children, families and communities to the natural world. Coinciding with the paperback release of The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age, many of these local appearances are free and open to the public, providing an excellent opportunity to introduce community members and potential partners to the goals and vision of the movement.

Click here for a preliminary list of some of the stops on the tour, as well as other upcoming speeches.

In his bestselling book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv helped launch a vital dialog that spawned an international movement to reconnect children and nature. In his latest book, The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age, now out in paperback, Louv delivers another powerful call to action—this time for adults. He will be speaking about the book across the country this spring, and overseas later in the year.

What do adults have to do with the children and nature movement? Plenty. While time in nature helps people of all ages vastly improve physical, psychological and spiritual health, children cannot make the nature connection without the help of the adults in their lives. In addition, Louv suggests, it will take people of all ages, working together, to shift the cultural norms that apply to all of us, to address and restore the fundamental human need for nature that he describes in his book, calling on much current research to underscore his case.

Thus far the tour has encouraged adults and young people to become more engaged and involved in the movement. They are starting Family Nature Clubs and Nature Circles; connecting with peer groups of teachers, students, health care professionals, conservationists, ranchers and urban farmers, city planners and architects. They’re joining C&NN initiatives, such as Let’s G.O.! (Get Outside) Month in April. A new generation of young leadership is emerging as well, often from inner city neighborhoods.

“The more high-tech our lives become,” Louv writes, “the more nature we need. The Nature Principle shows how we can integrate more nature into every aspect of our lives, from homes and family life to offices, urban planning and recreational spaces — and how we can create a great future, one in which “our cities and suburbs and rural areas become engines of biodiversity and human health.”

You can hear Richard Louv speak about The Nature Principle in the following cities: Framingham and New Bedford, Massachusetts; Biddeford, Maine; New Rochelle and New York City; Chicago; Minneapolis; San Francisco; Emmitsburg, Maryland; Fullerton and Laguna Beach, California; and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. More information, including newly added events, is available about Richard Louv’s appearances.

More appearances are likely to be added along the way. Not on one of the tour stops? Join the ongoing conversation about The Nature Principle and the children and nature movement on C&NN Connect. The North Face and Clif Bar are helping out with the tour; more about that later.

For more information about some of the concepts in The Nature Principle and how they apply to the children and nature movement, please see A Conversation with Richard Louv.

A March 30 2012 New York Times op-ed by Timothy Egan on Nature-Deficit Disorder.


  1. How about some dates and places, especially in the San Diego area??

  2. Hi,

    I am a great admirer of Mr Louv and his books. Could you please tell me –will Mr Louv present his new book-the Nature principle–in Montreal, Canada?

    Thanks, Megan Durnford

  3. Please notify me when the tour date for his speaking in Chicago, is known.

    Thank you,

    Tim Jenkins

  4. Hi,
    Thank you, Richard, for your great work. What is your schedule of events?
    Will you be in Sacramento or San Luis Obispo? Would so like to help and collaborate if that’s possible (several excellent opportunities to reach your audience.) Please advise.
    Very best wishes!

    Charlene Orszag
    (Co-Founder Tierra Miguel Foundation)

  5. VERY interested in the new Rochelle date and anything in the NYC metro area

    • Richard Louv

      Thanks, Ronnie. Please do see the tab above about upcoming speeches. Another one soon will be at Columbia University.

  6. Richard Louv

    Thanks to all who have commented. For times and dates and dress code (clothing optional), please see the new link in Suz’s good blog, or click on the tab above that says “Speaking Calendar,” which covers much of what’s coming up. More will be added. Please do stay tuned.

  7. Coming south? It would be great to have you here in New Orleans!

  8. Are there any plans for dates in Australia? Perth in particular

    • Richard Louv

      Yes, Vanessa, this summer, in Sydney, possibly elsewhere. Would love to come to Perth and Melbourne again.

  9. WONDERFUL!!!!!

  10. When and where in Sydney,Australia please so I can put the word around. I couldnt find any info on Sydney on the website.


  11. Please consider a stop at the Northlake Nature Center in Mandeville, across the lake from New Orleans

  12. Just read about this yesterday… so glad I can make it tonight at Framingham State (MA). Richard, I have seen you twice before and even had lunch with you, Jack Voelker and a few others at the Athenaeum in Chautauqua. See you soon.

  13. Great, missed out last time you came to Perth but heard great things!

  14. How about fitting in a Madison, Wisconsin, appearance in between Chicago and Minneapolis? We’d love to have you here and I’ll bet there’s a great audience we could round up.


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