NWF Book Club: Last Child in the Woods

NWF Book Club: Last Child in the Woods
In Last Child in the Woods, author Richard Louv takes readers through an in-depth look at our society’s current disconnect from the natural world. Louv uses the term Nature Deficit Disorder to create a framework of understanding for the dilemma faced by families and communities whose youth are too ‘plugged in’ to technology and disconnected from nature. He argues that this disconnect from nature has negative ramifications on the lives of the children, ranging from diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties and higher rates of emotional and physical illness. He also discusses the impact that this will have on the future of the environmental movement.

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It is imperative that we combat this issue and get kids, families and individuals outside. We want to hear what you think! Join in the conversation by commenting below. The following are discussion points to help guide you through the conversation. Don’t feel held to these questions, however–share your thoughts and feelings about the book and this important issue.

Louv talks about the dilemma of limited time that many children face today. One child talks about balancing piano lessons, homework and soccer practice which leaves them two to three hours in a weekend for free play (p118). Homework and other activities outside of school are important for children but so is unstructured play outside. Should parents reduce time on these other activities in favor of unstructured outdoor play? Organized sports get kids outside, do you think is…
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