National Wildlife Federation Announces Three-Year Goal To Get 10 Million Kids Outdoors

National Wildlife Federation Announces Three-Year Goal To Get 10 Million Kids Outdoors
To combat today’s “indoor childhood” trend, National Wildlife Federation has a new goal to move 10 million kids from their indoor habitat back into the outdoors, at home, school, and parks, anywhere there is green space. A generation ago, kids spent hours playing outside each day, now it’s down to minutes.

This move in the wrong direction demonstrates that while positive steps have been taken, not enough has been done to correct the problem since it first received national attention seven years ago. The consequences are threatening the health and happiness of our nation’s children, the country’s escalating health care costs, and the future of conservation.

“National Wildlife Federation is committed to helping parents, policy makers, educators and child-serving organizations so that children can get the outdoor time they need,” said Larry Schweiger, NWF President and CEO. “There’s a reason they call it the Great Outdoors and we’re going to make sure kids know why. This work is too important to lose another generation before we tackle the problem.”

Parents and Politicians Onboard

A recent survey of mom bloggers by National Wildlife Federation showed that parents are on board with helping NWF achieve this goal, but it’s often easier said than done. Ninety-four percent of moms surveyed think kids are not getting enough outdoor play time, but at the same time thirty percent of moms feel guilty, inadequate or overwhelmed that they aren’t getting their kids outside more.

Some forward-thinking policy makers also acknowledge the…
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