Reflections on the Connections Between The Sacred, Sacrifice and Sabbath

Reflections on the Connections Between The Sacred, Sacrifice and Sabbath
I’ve been pondering recently the powerful and profound connections between three concepts, the forms of their reemergence, and the potential for the reemergence of these ideas to make a significant contribution to the healing of our world.

Those three concepts are: 1) our sense of the sacred and our ability to see and celebrate the divine in all of creation 2) our ability to make choices or sacrifices that reflect our desire to see the sacred, to see creation, thrive and 3) our willingness to broadly re-embrace the Sabbath as a spiritual practice, to see “fasting” as an act of love, compassion and devotion.

In three words it is Sacred, Sacrifice and Sabbath.

While most of us have varying depths of interaction with each of these ideas, collectively speaking, the western world has not been harnessing the power and possibilities contained within these ancient spiritual traditions. And so it is hope-generating to see signs that this may be beginning to change.

Some of the hopeful ways I see this emergence include movements such as the Children and Nature Network and the prevalence of gardens on the grounds of our schools and houses of worship. Each of these efforts are centered in bringing youth back into the outdoors and re-familiarizing (or in some cases, introducing) them to the ways of the natural world. Key is developing, through direct experience, what environmental author Rachel Carson called “ a sense of wonder” or we might refer to as “a…
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