From South Central, LA, to the Summit of the Grand Teton: A Journey to Change

From South Central, LA, to the Summit of the Grand Teton: A Journey to Change
The Millennial generation's affinity for creating social change in a disruptive and innovative manner is one that sets them apart from others, and one that we at the Case Foundation have been exploring over the past four years through our program called Social Citizens. It is through this initiative that we identify and lift up young changemakers who are creating social change in fresh and exciting ways.

I recently had a chance to talk with one groundbreaking Millennial leader named Juan Martinez and learn from him about his views on social change, impact, and the next generation. Juan is the Director of Leadership Development and Natural Leaders Network for the Children & Nature Network.

He has dedicated his life to creating "good" in both traditional and nontraditional ways as a mentor, role model, and outdoor advocate. While he has faced many hardships in his life - it is not what defines him. Rather it is his passion for helping others in the most unexpected of ways that drives him to help others.

Q&A with Juan Martinez:

What are some of the biggest or most challenging obstacles for Millennials who want to be civically engaged, but are not?

We are fast approaching an amazing virtual world. Where Information travels across the world in minutes. We gain knowledge and friends through clicks. Yet at some level most of us seek for a place where we are validated in real time.

By traditional standards the young must…
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