88% of Teens Agree That Their Generation Is Disconnected From Nature

88% of Teens Agree That Their Generation Is Disconnected From Nature
Between jobs, Facebook, online gaming, school, or in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, bad weather, many teens forgo opportunities to breathe in an autumn breeze or otherwise connect with the planet around them by doing something in nature. In fact, 88% of teens feel that their generation is disconnected from nature reports, an online blogging community for teens and college students. The site asked over 4,442 high school and college students to answer the question, “How has nature inspired you?” via a 500 word essay as part of its national writing contest, along with a 15-question national survey that polled the students about their attitudes towards nature. The idea for this teen blogging contest prompt and survey came from Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods. According to Mr. Louv, today's children (and adults) are deprived of a basic necessity we have as humans - to connect with the outdoors. Louv labels this phenomenon - "nature-deficit disorder." Statistics and key insights from the teen survey concluded that teens are concerned about their connection to nature, but there's often a dichotomy between how they feel and what their actions are. For instance... --73.3% of teens went outside more as an Elementary student than now, as a High School student --69.4% of teens would rather listen to their favorite songs on an iPod (or other music device) than the sounds of nature --88.8% of teens feel that their generation is disconn…
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