Author Richard Louv Urges Kids to Get in Tune with Nature

Author Richard Louv Urges Kids to Get in Tune with Nature
We've all heard of kids with attention deficit disorder.
Well, what about nature deficit disorder?
San Diego-based author Richard Louv coined the term in his book Last Child in the Woods and came to the Okanagan this weekend to explain it.
"Never before in human history have children lived so remote from nature," said Louv at a Community Action Toward Children's Health event Saturday at Kelowna's Rotary Centre for the Arts.
"As computers take over more of our lives, it is so important to get kids outside for activity and play where they are engaged and use their imagination. It's proven that time outside helps kids learn better, have fewer colds and flus, lessens symptoms of attention deficit disorder and generally improves their health."
Don't use winter as an excuse not to get the kids outside either.
Bundle them up and get them out there.
"In Scandinavia, where they certainly have real winter, families and schools get kids outside all the time for activities and learning," said Louv, who's also written a call to action book for adults titled The Nature Principle.
"And they are seeing the positive results."
Two main factors are at work in reducing kids time outside - technology, too much time in front of TVs, computers and game consoles, and parent
paranoia that they can't take their eyes off their kids.
We all remember our parents or grandparents telling us how they played outside all day long and their parents didn't know where they were as…
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