Heroes of the Planet

Heroes of the Planet
Heroes of the planet are not brooding, judgmental voices of death and destruction. Quite the opposite, writers like "no impact man" Colin Beavan, biologist Janine Benyus, and environmental studies professor David Orr show how fascinating tree-hugging can be. Heroes of the planet are for sure wide-eyed about the range of eco disturbances caused by adherence to conventional economic models and must-have-the-latest cultural ideas. Still, they are hopeful and joyful. In their mission to return balance to the biosphere and help rescue humanity, they point us in the direction of a new politics and new economics, since problems of mass pollution and destabilization of the climate are systemic, and individual actions apart from muscled institutional change are inadequate to the scale and scope of our situation.

Typically industrial and consumerist approaches to profits and jobs -- whether capitalist or communist -- presume the normalcy, even legitimacy, of human control over forests, soils, and waters. Without humble attention to the intelligence of nature, we have outstripped the "carrying capacity" or naturally restorative processes of the biosphere, and are now paying the price in a grinding slow-down of world economic growth. As modern or "western" economics have long disconnected itself from the evolutionary patterns of the biosphere we have failed to develop resilient, restorative economic systems. A new sense of appreciation in humbled relationship with nature can spread like wildfire, and help us build an ecological foundation for life and prosperity, hundreds, even thousands of years into the future. (We have to…
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