Nature Camp for Children with Special Needs Gets Kids Out in Georgia

Nature Camp for Children with Special Needs Gets Kids Out in Georgia
A smile, a laugh, other kids and time outside enjoying activities and nature all can rate as awesome to children and their parents.

That's what Patti Sumner said as her son Jordan did his best to imitate the slithering tongue of a bald python at the Nature Camp for Children with Special Needs that was conducted Saturday at Chehaw.

"Awesome. It is just so good for children with special needs to get outside," Sumner, of Worth County, said. "And it is good to have something to do that parents can see the children enjoying."

Sumner heard about the camp from friends who sent her pictures and information to her Facebook listing, she said.

However they heard about it, Amy Bacon, scoutmaster of Troop 7 in Leesburg ,was glad parents and the children were enjoying the day.

How could they not? Billed as a "Rootin' Tootin'" good time, the event featured animal encounters with Slinky the python, a great horned owl named Tiger and a hedge hog that goes by Peter. The day also included horseshoe games, a cowboy campsite with chili, crafts, face painting other snacks, and a balloon artist.

"This is the first year we've had it (the camp) here. We thought it would be good because it is centrally located," Bacon said. "It is great because of the animal interaction for the kids. People don't realize special needs children need things like this. I don't care what the disability is, all children…
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