Wilderness as a Powerful Tool for Youth Engagement

Wilderness as a Powerful Tool for Youth Engagement
Kyle stands out in the movement for his commitment to overcome obstacles to get more youth outdoors and connect to nature as their birthright. He founded Bay Area Wilderness Training, one of two established organizations in the US providing both leadership training and free access to outdoor gear.

MR: Thinking back to the earliest years of you life, what experiences relate to who you are now and your work with Bay Area Wilderness Training?

KM: My parents took me camping – and the outdoor and wilderness experiences of my childhood have definitely shaped who I am today. My very first memory is sleeping in a tent on a beach in Cape Hatteras and hearing the voices of my parents outside the canvas walls of the tent. I think I was two years old.

Fast forward from my earliest years to immediately following college, I began working for the Youth Opportunities Program of the Appalachian Mountain Club that quietly gets thousands and thousands of kids outdoors every year.

Through working summers with the Youth Opportunities Program in New Hampshire and Maine, I really got first hand experience with the model that I later brought to Bay Area Wilderness Training. I grew to understand, “Oh, that’s how you do this! That’s the way that kids can have these experiences in the outdoors which are so vital and so powerful and sometimes life transforming.”

One day I asked the director of the Youth Opportunities Program if this model…
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