Last Child in the Woods?

Last Child in the Woods?
It was a great pleasure to attend the Houston Wilderness annual luncheon today and here Richard Louv the bestselling author of “Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder” speak. The book is on my nightstand in the stack of “things to read” and I have dipped a toe into it but I know for sure I’ll crack it open again after hearing Mr. Louv speak. It was a great reminder how important it is to create beautiful, safe and compelling places to enjoy nature within our urban environment. Many of us in the room do that type of work every day and we were energized to continue our efforts.

Mr. Louv called what is happening in our global, first-world culture a “pandemic of inactivity” citing statistics that unstructured play time outside for children (and adults) continues to decrease. The catch phrase of the day is: Sitting is the new Smoking! We’ve done an admirable job of changing the allure of smoking and making it less of a cool thing to do and people are healthier because of it. But, now we find that a lifetime spent sitting (as I am right now working on a computer) is unhealthy to much the same degree.

He talked about how studies show that exercise done in a “green” environment at the same intensity and duration as indoor exercise creates better health benefits. And that kids who play outside learn better in every kind of class: not just…
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