Student’s Effort Leads To School’s Elimination of Foam Trays

Student’s Effort Leads To School’s Elimination of Foam Trays
Freedom Middle School eighth-grader Ben Gray is so strongly opposed to Styrofoam that he refuses to eat off of it.

Now, because of his efforts, he won’t have to. And neither will his peers.

The Franklin Special School District eliminated the product from its cafeterias after Gray raised the issue with the system’s top administrator. The district is celebrating Gray’s initiative today as part of Earth Day.

In February, Gray wrote a letter to Director of Schools David Snowden expressing disapproval that the district used so many trays and cups made from polystyrene, commonly known by the brand Styrofoam. Snowden was speaking at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts in Nashville one Saturday as part of a program that included artwork displayed by Gray’s younger sister, Chloe. Gray decid…
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