Study Reveals Too Many Children in England Are Losing Contact With Nature

Study Reveals Too Many Children in England Are Losing Contact With Nature
Some 12 per cent of children in England have not been to a local park, beach or any other natural environment in 12 months, a two-year study reveals.

A Government survey, which questioned parents over a two year period has found too many children are not getting the chance to play in a park, walk in a wood or spend time in any natural environment.

The report on the survey, commissioned by Natural England, found children from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) households were less likely to frequently visit the natural environment (56 per cent), compared to children from other households (74 per cent).

Children from lower income households (65 per cent) were also less likely to visit natural settings frequently than those from wealthier households (77 per cent).

The report stated: 'The results are of significance in that they highlight clear social inequalities in how children are accessing natural environments, showing a clear link between the frequency at which children visit the natural environment and both their ethnicity and socio-economic status.' Regional differences were also discovered, with the percentage of children who never visit a natural environment or did so less than once a week being higher in London (38 per cent), the West Midlands (35 per cent) and the East Midlands (35 per cent) when compared to other English regions.

The Natural England report also found children were more likely to visit local places than places further away. The places visited most…
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  1. This is my observation in the Bristol suburb that I work in. Children may be taken to the park as a treat by Grandparent but rarely after school or on the weekend. They certainly don’t go to woodland or on country walks where they would free to explore. This leaves the parks unfrequented and therefore unkempt and so a cycle continues.


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