New Study: Kids Say Overprotection Is an Issue

New Study: Kids Say Overprotection Is an Issue
Any conversation comparing childhood today to, say, 40 or 50 years ago invariably brings up the topic of overprotection.

Kids decades ago would head off to play in the morning, show up at home again for lunch and then disappear again until suppertime, old-timers will say. Parents were OK back then if their children went exploring, stayed out in the rain, got dirty, went on playground equipment that had seen better days or, God forbid, actually roughhoused with their friends.

And somehow those kids survived and grew up.

Parents today, they will say, are too afraid of something bad happening to their kids, so they don’t let them play outside after dark, or wander too far afield or play with any toy that hasn’t been tested and retested for safety. They panic if their child doesn’t text them every 10 minutes to say they are still safe.

A team of researchers at Queen’s University has discovered it isn’t just the older folks who think parents and other authority figures are being too protective of their kids.

Some of the kids think so, too.

Valerie Michaelson, with the university’s department of public health sciences and its school of religion, said four years’ worth of funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research allowed the department to examine child health.

“We wanted to look at different aspects of child health,” she explained.

So they developed a team they called Child Health 2.0. Working with…
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