Scottish Government Agency Encourages Outdoor Play in Daycare

Scottish Government Agency Encourages Outdoor Play in Daycare
Outdoor nurseries are giving children better learning outcomes, according to new figures from the Care Inspectorate (an agency that regulates and inspects care services in Scotland).

The regulatory body has launched a resource to encourage early years establishments to take learning outdoors and urge parents to have less fear of the risks of outside play.

My World Outdoors gives information to nurseries in how to develop outdoor play, which has been shown to enhance children's learning, confidence and resilience.

But authorities said an attitude change from nursery staff and parents will be needed to achieve an increase in outdoor learning.

Aileen Campbell, Minister for Children and Young People, said: "This is partly about debunking myths about the risks involved in outdoor play.

"There are a lot of pressures that parents have. I'm a parent myself and I know that parents and families are doing their best and that we need to meet them halfway.

"When you speak to parents they all have memories of getting outdoors and being allowed to roam around - we need to encourage parents to give their children that same chance to develop coping strategies, resilience and build confidence."

"The Scottish Government is not providing additional funding to support nurseries to develop their outdoor play but we do offer many different supports to early years establishments."

There are currently 18 daycare of children services across Scotland which deliver all their care outdoors, regardless of the Scottish weather.

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  1. This article comes from a newspaper without a link to the key document, “My World Outdoors.” This guidance is a really positive step forward – it strongly advocates ensuring that children have contact with nature and access to stimulating outdoor spaces. The case studies show case much good practice that already exists and draws upon a long legacy of using the outdoors to ensure children’s wellbeing is a priority.

  2. I am Vietnamese, I want to organize a model like this, but we don’t have conditions and sponsor.
    I hope to get help. Thank you so much!


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