Experts Call for Official Guidelines on Child Screen Use

Experts Call for Official Guidelines on Child Screen Use
A group of leading authors, educationalists and child-development experts is calling on the government to introduce national guidelines on the use of screens, amid concern about the impact on children’s physical and mental health.

It is one of a series of measures outlined in a letter to the Guardian, highlighting what it describes as the increasingly “toxic” nature of childhood, and signed by 40 senior figures, including the author Philip Pullman, the former archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, the psychotherapist Susie Orbach and the childcare expert Penelope Leach.

The letter urges the government to create a cabinet-level minister for children, with specific responsibility for auditing all government policies in order to assess their impact on children’s health and wellbeing.
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  1. When these children become adults they will be likely to be more prone to illness and have a unrealistic view of life. I wonder also about their anxiety levels due to being fed so much negative info from media and games not to mention the impact of being around electronic equipment constantly.


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