National Park Week Is April 15-23

National Park Week Is April 15-23
With a theme of ‘National Parks 101,’ the NPS is focusing on engaging visitors in new ways.
There won’t be a mandatory quiz at the close of this year’s National Park Week, but organizers hope that participants come away enlightened by something they’ve seen, learned or experienced.

“We tried to build awareness of national parks during the centennial year,” said Kathy Kupper, a spokesperson for the National Park Service (NPS). “Now, we want people to take a deeper dive and use National Park Week to discover a new aspect of their parks.”

To that end, parks will offer a mélange of special activities in mid-April, from living history presentations to ranger-led astronomy programs. NPS sites are encouraged to offer tutorials, such as Camping 101, during the week.

“There are adults who were never scouts, or never went camping with their parents,” Kupper said.  “The idea is having introductory programs for activities you’ve never done as a child or as an adult. There can be a ranger helping to set up a fire, or cooking lessons.”
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