Improving Kids’ Health through Play

Improving Kids’ Health through Play
Every parent knows the feeling when their kids are playing video games, you are lucky if you can hold their attention long enough the even answer a question. But when kids at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix want some screen time, they have to earn it. “And to earn that right they have to be active,” says Joe Gaudio with UnitedHealthcare.” That's right, if they want to play...they have to play.

That is the idea behind Nerf energy kits, provided to the Boys and Girls Clubs by UniteHhealthcare.  “It includes a wearable tracker, they place on their wrist, a soccer ball and access to a mobile app called Nerf energy rush. which is a video game,” says Gaudio,

The whole idea is to promote healthy habits, he adds, “In Arizona approximately 20%  of our kids ages 2 to 19 are considered to be obese, this program is about our efforts to help reduce child hood obesity.”
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