New Zealand Kids Demand More Nature Play

New Zealand Kids Demand More Nature Play
Children from Wellington Playcentres had their voice included in feedback given to Wellington City Council on their new draft Play Spaces Policy. The experts in play - Playcentre children and adults - have plenty of experience of what makes a great outdoor play space. Chris Montgomerie, Outdoor Upgrade Project Manager for Wellington Playcentre Association, spoke to Council in February 2017 and emphasised that children of all ages should be able to interact with nature as much as possible while playing.

Playcentre families are encouraged by the Council’s extension of the policy to create a network of play spaces. "They aren’t just thinking of playgrounds and have emphasised nature play. This sits very well with the Playcentre philosophy that recognises children learn through play and the best play experiences are open-ended, which sparks imagination," says Montgomerie.

"We were pleased to be able to support the WCC’s Draft Policy at the recent oral submissions, but did make a plea to look at the planting around play areas when undertaking the regular review and replacement of play areas. In our experience, the two elements can’t be done by different departments as each will enhance the other." added
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