Letting Children Play More Dangerously

Letting Children Play More Dangerously
A safety organization in the Netherlands is campaigning to encourage parents to let children play more dangerously.

Dutch children are the happiest in the developed world according to UNICEF, but VeiligheidNL believes they are being “pampered”.

The national safety body has launched a campaign called “Risky play”, saying children should be encouraged to play with penknives, climb trees and light fires – with appropriate supervision.

It warns increasingly protective parents, schools and governments that children aren’t learning to manage risk for themselves – despite the fact that solo child cyclists are a regular sight on the school run.

“There is more child obesity, and there are initiatives to get them to move more and eat more healthily,” said project leader Judith Kuiper. “This initiative has a wider goal: it aims at what we call ‘risk competence’, so children become more independent and better at protecting themselves.
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  1. No amount of safety proofing any play equipment would make it “safe” if a child lacks the skills and judgment on how to use them. Risky play goes back to basics allowing children to experience depth and height, speed and motion, den making and building tools, and fire in natural and man-made play environments.


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