“Playing Out” Revolution Tops 500 Streets

“Playing Out” Revolution Tops 500 Streets
The English city of Nottingham is the latest to embrace the Playing Out initiative that is sweeping the UK, but recent reports from the same city also suggest that street play faces resistance from some residents and authorities. Adrian Voce reports.

Nottingham, in the English East Midlands is the latest British city to launch a Playing Out scheme; the initiative of local parents in Bristol that has grown into a national movement. The first such events in the cityCity  took place in the suburb of Sneinton on 15 June. The City Council says it aims to bring the whole community – adults, children and young people – together for regular days of playful activity in the street.

Playing Out, which began as an initiative of local parents in Bristol in 2009, recently reported that more than 500 streets, in 40 towns and cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Sheffield, have now ‘played out’; while cities such as Edinburgh and Cardiff are currently piloting street play schemes. The organisation also reported that the street play movement has begun to take root in France, with a speaker from Playing Out recently addressing the Rue de l’Avenir (Street of the Future) conference in Paris.
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