Aussie Kids Spend Less Than Two Hours a Day Outdoors

Aussie Kids Spend Less Than Two Hours a Day Outdoors
Not so long ago Aussie kids spent as much time as possible playing in the great outdoors.

Those who grew up in the 70's and 80's will recall whole days spent exploring the neighborhood with little, if any, adult supervision. Of a weekend we headed outside early of a morning, eyes glinting at the thought of the adventures we were bound to have. The only stipulation from our parents - be home by dark. During the school week the rules were much the same. Only homework had to be done first. Otherwise, we were on our own to wreak havoc as we saw fit. And we did - and it was glorious.

Today's kids aren't enjoying the same experiences however. In fact, on average they're spending just two hours a day playing outdoors. The rest of the time they're inside, watching TV and/or playing with their tech, finds the OMO Dirt is Good Survey.
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