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What a Difference a Green Schoolyard Can Make

In Philadelphia, better parks and green schoolyards are improving underserved communities. Often the largest public properties in dense, park-poor neighborhoods, schoolyards present great opportunities to better connect schools to the communities they serve.

Getting Children in Touch with Nature

Sylvette Frasier, a graduate student of the Charter College of Education, is spearheading a program titled, “Connecting Children to Art in Nature.” As the program founder, she goes to schools and informal educational settings, like museums, with art projects that incorporate lessons about nature into the curriculum.

Art Exhibit Aims to Reconnect Man With Nature in Mercer County

Some contemporary philosophers warn that our separation from nature puts our psychological and physical health at risk. “The Absorbed Landscape” is Artist Joy Kreves’ way of combating “nature deficit disorder” by returning the public’s attention to the textures, shapes and color of the world.

Kids Plus the Outdoors Equals a Good Investment

A unique opportunity to support Washington’s kids and economy has brought Democrats and Republicans together in Olympia. Both sides of the aisle in the state Legislature recently supported a measure known as “No Child Left Inside.” legislation and funding to help get kids off couches and into the great outdoors.

Growing Healthy Habits in Va. Beach School Garden

At Seatack Elementary in Virginia Beach, boys meet outside for 30 minutes at the beginning of every school day, for a club where they learn about healthy eating, setting goals, concentration habits, environmental principles and working together. “Breathing fresh air helps us concentrate when we go back to class,” club member and student Kevin said.

5th Annual ‘Kids to Parks Day’ Saturday, May 16, 2015

Children, families and schools in communities across America will celebrate their local, state and national parks and public lands on Saturday, May 16th in commemoration of the 5th Annual Kids to Parks Day. National Park Trust estimates more than 500,000 people will attend park events across the country in what is fast becoming America’s national day of play.

Inside the World’s Best Kindergarten

Inspired by nature and by his own children, Tokyo based Architect, Takaharu Tezuka, decided to “Think like a kid” when he designed the Fuji Kindergarten. The result is a magical environment created just for them, where trees grow right through classrooms and the roof is an endless playground.

Patrick Durkin: Wisconsin’s Political Leaders Suffering from ‘Nature-Deficit Disorder’

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and wildlife agencies nationwide have spent recent years trying to recruit, retain and re-engage hunters and anglers in a society increasingly disconnected from nature. With deep cuts proposed for DNR’s 2015-17 budget, those efforts face increasing challenges in the years ahead.

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