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Be Outside, Idaho!

Be Outside, Idaho!(formerly Idaho Children and Nature Network) is a group of Idaho city, state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, private business owners and citizens united in the common cause of empowering all Idahoans to lead healthy lives by developing a sense of place in Idaho's outdoors.

The network's mission is to connect children with nature in Idaho, from backyards to mountaintops.

The network leverages collective resources to:

> increase community awareness;
> provide access to information;
> increase participation in outdoor activities and foster respect and appreciation for Idaho's outdoor heritage;
> improve integration of environmental education;
> create private-public partnerships;
> work to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of Idaho's children.

Be Outside, Idaho!'s vision is to collaborate with private and public partners to empower all Idahoans to lead healthy lives by developing a sense of place in Idaho's outdoors.

The network's Strategic Plan provides a framework for its structure, organization, scope, goals and measurable objectives. Exemplary of true partnership collaboration, the network leverages collective resources to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan. The network is the nucleus of a multi-pronged structure, acting as the primary body for planning, action and future development as the movement progresses.

The network successfully launched a statewide public awareness initiative, "Be Outside" in January of 2009. The launch included the introduction of a website portal hosted by the Idaho Department of Tourism (, print materials and the production of yearlong television and radio spots.
Now in its third year, Be Outside, Idaho! is further refining materials and tools for regional chapter formation, and continuing to reach out to educators, elected officials, youth, health care professionals and others interested in connecting children to the outdoors.
For more information, contact co-coordinator Kendra Witt-Doyle

Contact Information

Kendra Witt-Doyle   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

1387 S. Vinnell Way
Boise,  Idaho  83709
United States

This campaign is Statewide.

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"If you go with long-term significance, my pick for the top story of not only 2009 but also of the 21st Century is the pandemic of Nature Deficit Disorder, a term so aptly coined by Richard Louv in his best-selling outdoor book, Last Child in the Woods...."
— Bill Schneider, NewWest.Net
“Concerns about long-term consequences—affecting emotional well-being, physical health, learning abilities, environmental consciousness—have spawned a national movement to ‘leave no child inside.’ In recent months, it has been the focus of Capitol Hill hearings, state legislative action, grassroots projects, a U.S. Forest Service initiative to get more children into the woods and a national effort to promote a ‘green hour’ in each day.”
— Washington Post
“The movement to reconnect children to the natural world has arisen quickly, spontaneously, and across the usual social, political, and economic dividing lines.”
Orion magazine
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