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Children & Nature Network - April 19, 2014

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Your Couch Is Far More Dangerous Than You Think

Your Couch Is Far More Dangerous Than You Think

Ben Klasky, President and CEO of IslandWood, wonders how our culture became so fearful of letting kids play on their own outdoors that we actively keep them inside. Looking at the numbers, he suggests perhaps that fear is misplaced. [+]

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Raising a Child Dangerously

Raising a Child Dangerously

Diane Selkirk and her husband are raising their child while traveling aboard a 40-foot sailboat. Many say adventure sailing with young children can be risky, especially after the recent public rescue of another sailing family. Selkirk says it's the best way she knows how to parent. [+]

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When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

When Parents Are The Ones Too Distracted By Devices

Having a teenager lost in his or her cellphone — texting friends and communicating with parents in monosyllabic grunts — has become a trope of the Internet age. But teens are not the only ones distracted by their devices. [+]

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Former head of the National Park Service, Fran Mainella, to Chair The Children & Nature Network’s Board of Directors

Former head of the National Park Service, Fran Mainella, to Chair The Children & Nature Network’s Board of Directors

Longtime nature policy pioneer and former head of the National Park Service, Fran Mainella, took over in January 2014 as Board Chair of The Children & Nature Network (C&NN). Fran Mainella served as the 16th Director of the National Park Service from 2001 – 2006. She was the first woman to hold this key position. [+] [PDF]

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School Ditches Rules and Loses Bullies

School Ditches Rules and Loses Bullies

New Zealand school allows rule-free outdoor play and sees remarkable behavioral changes. Where some expected "Lord of the Flies," these students took advantage of their unstructured time outdoors to practice creativity, compassion, and imagination. The experiment raises interesting questions about the balance between safety and the benefits of free outdoor play. [+]

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Gardens that Grow More than Food

The idea of shared community space for agricultural purposes is thousands of years old. Today,… [+]

6 Family Activities to Get Your Kids Excited for Spring

Across the United States, families are anxiously awaiting spring. Mother Heather Manning of Bethlehem, Pa.… [+]

Joint Center Partners with Children & Nature Network

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies is partnering with The Children & Nature… [+]

Leave No Child Inside

California assemblyman Mark Stone has introduced legislation that would help get more youth outdoors to… [+]

Why U.S. Cities Are Finally Celebrating Urban Forests

Cities across the United States are waking up to the value of urban forests. From… [+]

Editorial: Make Sure Your Kids Get Time Outdoors

The editorial board of the Idaho Statesman newspaper uses the occasion of "Be Outside, Idaho"… [+]

Quest for ‘Racial Equity’ in Parks Has Some Wary

Regional planners in Minnesota's Twin Cities region are grappling with data showing that public parks… [+]

Urban Forests Share Links with Healthy Lives

While the health benefits of trees and green spaces are generally understood, they are often… [+]

Helping Children Become Healthier Doesn’t Turn Us into a Nanny State

In the 2010 Richard Louvd declared that, before long, Australia would reap the rewards of… [+]

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