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Guest Blogs and Commentary from the New Nature Movement

A HOMEGROWN PARK GROWS IN TORONTO: Suzuki Foundation Launches Ambitious Do-It-Ourselves Campaign

Jun 12, 2013 | Jode Roberts

HGNP at bike with mike[4]In June, 2012, when David Suzuki and Richard Louv met for an on-stage conversation in Toronto, Louv praised entomologist Doug Tallamy’s idea for a Homegrown National Park. Later that year, the David Suzuki Foundation announced ambitious plans for a similar project. Whereas Tallamy imagines a coast-to-coast, backyard-based homegrown national park, the Toronto plan calls for a ... [+] read more

THE WISDOM OF ONE PLACE: Why We Need to Know Where We Are

Jun 06, 2013  | Fred First

Fred First My brief return to the biology classroom in 2005 after a 17-year absence brought a shocking revelation: the outdoors was an alien and unknown place to my students. Out of 120 on field trips near campus along Virginia’s New River that semester, only one student could call one of some 50 observed living things by ... [+] read more

IGNITING CHILDREN’S IMAGINATIONS: Around the globe, a new breed of teacher is transforming the definition of the classroom

May 27, 2013  | Riley Hopeman

The Islandwoodsilent solo sit is an activity I always incorporate into a teaching week. It provides each individual with the opportunity to connect with the natural world on their own. Sometimes I have students simply sit and observe and other times I take away their sense of sight so they interact with their surroundings in ... [+] read more

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Is Nature-Deficit Disorder Depressing Kids?

Jun 12, 2013 09:06 am | Cate Shanahan, M.D. 

Primary care doctor explores Nature-Deficit Disorder and its relation to the growing rates among depression in college students. Writes Richard Louv in "Last Child in the Woods": As children’s connections to nature diminish and the social, psychological, and spiritual implications become apparent, new research shows that nature can offer powerful therapy for such maladies as depression, obesity, and attention-deficit disorder. + read

Robert Bateman Centre to Promote More Than Artist’s Work

Jun 12, 2013 08:47 am | CBC News 

Celebrated Canadian nature artist Robert Bateman is opening a new gallery in Victoria, British Columbia, but the artist says the aim is to do much more than showcase his work. The Bateman Centre will display the largest exhibit of original works by the popular wildlife artist, in an effort to help people reconnect with the outdoor world that he spent his life documenting and seeking to protect. + read

Agreeing to Disagree?

Jun 10, 2013 12:56 pm | Doug Skeates 

In his book, “For Earth’s Sake”, theologian Stephen Bede Scharper emphasizes the importance of nature in people’s lives: "The vast majority of the human species does not have access to the basic necessities of life such as clean water, food, shelter and education. We cannot deal with such deep concerns properly until we change our relationship with the planet." + read

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin N?

Jun 10, 2013 12:26 pm | Women's Health 

Richard Louv: "The vast majority of evidence points in one direction: We can be happier, healthier, and smarter if we weave more nature into our lives." Louv points to a surge in studies that strongly suggest a link between the outside and your insides, and that the best mind-body medicine may lie right beyond your front door. + read

Raise a Nature Lover

Jun 06, 2013 09:13 pm | Leslie Garisto Pfaff 

Kids blossom when they head outside -- but you may need to shut off your screens and nudge them out the door. While you're at it, go yourself. Looking for families to go with? Join a family nature club. + read

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