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C&NN hopes you will use this collection of scientific literature to browse, learn and share current and emerging findings that can help make a solid case based on the research to policy-makers, school boards, community groups, health providers, urban planners and others that can influence the systems to connect children, families and communities to nature.

If you know of high quality, peer-reviewed research that you’d like us to consider for inclusion in the Research Center, please email us details at

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Innate immunity and asthma risk in Amish and Hutterite farm children

Exposure to an environment rich in microorganisms can protect against asthma

Family learning outdoors: Guided participation on a nature walk

Study suggests adopting an expanded view of what counts as an informal science learning institution

Enabling play friendly places

Creating “play friendly places” can be an effective way to counteract some of the deterrents to active outdoor play

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