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C&NN has compiled the following library of resources for use by movement leaders, network members, and supporters.
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book: Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy Jane O'Connor

Fans of Fancy Nancy will enjoy her introduction to backyard nature exploration.

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book: Farmer Boy

Farmer Boy Laura Ingalls Wilder

Almanzo tends crops, trains oxen, and even harvests ice in this incredible story of life on a 19th-century farm.

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book: Fireflies

Fireflies Julie Brinckloe

A young boy catches a jar full of fireflies.

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book: Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Julia Rawlins

What do woodland animal youngsters make of autumn’s falling leaves? Fletcher the fox is terribly concerned!

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book: Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms Julia Rawlins

Gorgeous watercolors accompany this light-hearted tale of a little fox’s confusion over a squall of spring blossoms.

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book: Frederick

Frederick Leo Lionni

Frederick the mouse knows that storytelling can help sustain us through the cold dark days of winter.

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book: Garmann’s Summer

Garmann’s Summer Stian Hole

Captivating text and pictures suggest the ways a boy reaps understanding from summer days spent in the company of three elderly aunts.

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book: Gifts from the Sea

Gifts from the Sea Natalie Kinsey-Warnock

Quila, the motherless daughter of a Maine lighthouse keeper, finds a baby washed ashore after a ship sinks just off the coast.

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book: Gnomes

Gnomes Wil Huygen

The definitive, enchantingly illustrated guide to gnomes of the forest, field, and more.

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book: Hatchet

Hatchet Gary Paulsen

When the small plane he’s riding in goes down in the Canadian wilderness, 13-year-old Brian fends for himself with little more than clothing and a hatchet.

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book: Heidi

Heidi Johanna Spyri

Who loves being outside in the mountains more than a young girl named Heidi? Maybe your kids will—take them hiking and find out!

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book: Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night

Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night Cynthia Rylant

Henry and his big dog Mudge go camping with Henry’s parents.

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book: Henry Builds a Cabin

Henry Builds a Cabin D. B. Johnson

Henry the bear (aka Henry David Thoreau) builds a cabin, which is only too small if you forget that you can spend much of your day living outside!

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book: Henry Hikes to Fitchburg

Henry Hikes to Fitchburg D. B. Johnson

Join Henry the bear (a stand-in for Henry David Thoreau) as he finds satisfaction in a long day’s hike.

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book: Henry’s Night

Henry’s Night D. B. Johnson

Henry the bear (a stand-in for Henry David Thoreau) can’t sleep, so he sets out exploring the sights and sounds of the night.

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book: Hooray for Fall

Hooray for Fall Kazuo Iwamura

Three little squirrels don their new red sweaters and set out to see the changing colors of fall.

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book: I Took the Moon for a Walk

I Took the Moon for a Walk Carolyn Curtis

Lovely invitation to join the moon for a nighttime walk.

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book: Ice Drift

Ice Drift Theodore Taylor

A gripping arctic adventure involving two Inuit boys stranded for months on an ice floe.

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book: Incident at Hawk’s Hill

Incident at Hawk’s Hill Allan Eckert

A little boy wanders into the prairie and is protected by a wild mother badger.

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book: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins Scott O'Dell

Fictional account of the Chumash woman who survived for years on an otherwise uninhabited island off the coast of California.

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book: Jacob Have I Loved

Jacob Have I Loved Katherine Paterson

Raw and affecting novel about sibling rivalry, set in the crabbing communities of the Chesapeake Bay.

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book: Julie of the Wolves

Julie of the Wolves Jean Craighead George

An Eskimo girl runs away from her forced marriage and finds herself alone on the Alaskan tundra with only a pack of wolves for company.

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book: Leaf Man

Leaf Man Lois Ehlert

The text and pictures are sure to inspire a leaf hunt and some beautiful leaf collages!

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book: Leaves

Leaves David Ezra Stein

Charming and simple story of a bear befriending the autumn leaves.

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book: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies William Golding

Not the prettiest story about boys surviving on a deserted island, but sure to captivate teenage readers.

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"If you go with long-term significance, my pick for the top story of not only 2009 but also of the 21st Century is the pandemic of Nature Deficit Disorder, a term so aptly coined by Richard Louv in his best-selling outdoor book, Last Child in the Woods...."
— Bill Schneider, NewWest.Net
“Concerns about long-term consequences—affecting emotional well-being, physical health, learning abilities, environmental consciousness—have spawned a national movement to ‘leave no child inside.’ In recent months, it has been the focus of Capitol Hill hearings, state legislative action, grassroots projects, a U.S. Forest Service initiative to get more children into the woods and a national effort to promote a ‘green hour’ in each day.”
— Washington Post
All of us share a sense of common purpose. We represent many, many others—some we know, and others we have never met. People throughout the world are increasingly connected by a resonance and passion, to create a new common sense for the good health of children today and generations to come.
– Cheryl Charles
“The movement to reconnect children to the natural world has arisen quickly, spontaneously, and across the usual social, political, and economic dividing lines.”
Orion magazine

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C&NN Publications

As part of our ongoing efforts to build the movement, the Children & Nature Network has published these resources for leaders, organizers, and participants at the local, national, and international levels:

2010 C&NN Report
[>] Download PDF [2MB]

Children and Nature 2009: A Report on the Movement to Reconnect Children to the Natural World
[>] Download PDF [1.1MB]

C&NN Community Action Guide: Building the Children & Nature Movement from the Ground Up
[>] Download PDF [1.4MB]
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