Oregon Drafts Environmental Literacy Plan, Joins Maryland and Nebraska

Oregon Drafts Environmental Literacy Plan, Joins Maryland and Nebraska
Oregon’s Environmental Literacy Task Force, appointed by Governor Kulongoski by way of 2009’s No Oregon Child Left Inside Act, completed the state’s first environmental literacy plan for students K-12. The plan will serve as a roadmap to integrate outdoor learning experiences into existing school curriculum.

Led by The Freshwater Trust’s education director Traci Price, the Environmental Literacy Task Force has worked the last nine months to draft this landmark plan for Oregon – joining Maryland and Nebraska as the only three states to have an environmental literacy plan.

“As the third state to draft an environmental literacy plan, I was honored to work on behalf of the State of Oregon, a longtime leader in environmental and sustainability practices,” said Price. ”The task force really came together around this issue and remains committed to seeing it through.”

State Representative Peter Buckley, co-sponsor of the No Oregon Child Left Inside Act, commended the task force.

“I would like to thank the task force for its dedication to the development of Oregon’s first environmental literacy plan. Your success has paved the way for an Oregon in which every child possesses a knowledge of and respect for our shared environment,” he said.

Because today’s youth are spending less time outside than any other time in this nation’s history, proponents of environmental education have long voiced the importance of connecting students to the natural world, as they will be charged with addressing decisions regarding natural resources.

“Our students are…
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