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Susan Sachs Lipman (Suz) has more than 25 years experience as a writer, editor, social media manager, community builder, and advocate for getting children into nature. She is the author of Fed Up with Frenzy: Slow Parenting in a Fast-Moving World, which was named a TIME magazine Top 10 Trend of 2012. She has written for the New York Times Motherlode blog, the Christian Science Monitor’s Modern Parenthood blog and others. Suz serves as the Director of Social Media Promotion and Partnerships for the Children & Nature Network.

We can read about the Children & Nature Network, in facts and figures that correspond to campaigns, initiatives, family nature clubs, groups, research abstracts, outdoor events, discussion forum members, and followers on various social media outlets. But the real story, of course, is in the words of people whom the Children & Nature Network has touched personally and profoundly. Following are just a few testimonials from the many individuals whose lives have been changed by the movement to get children out in nature.

“I attribute much of the success of the Leave No Child Inside Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati to the Children & Nature Network website.  We began our initiative back in 2006 and the website, with its research and news articles, gave instant credibility to our message.  Since then, the website has become a tremendous resource not only for us, but for the community-based organizations with whom we work.”
Betsy Townsend, Co-Chair, Leave No Child Inside-Greater Cincinnati

“The Children & Nature Network has served as an inspiration for and provided Be Outdoors Arizona and our over 50 member organizations with invaluable tools to include research, best practices, access to policy considerations as well as a forum for innovative program development. Our association with the C&NN has saved time and money while improving the quality and content of the experiences we host throughout Arizona.”
— Jeff Williamson, President , Arizona Zoological Society

“The Children & Nature Network provides the essential hub that binds this initiative together.  Being in a small state, the NH Children in Nature Coalition depends on the tools, content and critical connections that C&NN provides, which we don’t have the capacity to create.  In turn, C&NN supplies the venue to share with others what we’ve developed—truly a network in its fullest expression.”
Marilyn Wyzga, Coordinator, New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition and Wildlife Educator, NH Fish and Game Department

“The Children & Nature Network is a global village of kindred spirits of all ages and backgrounds who care about children and youth.  It is THE central gathering place for anyone desiring to learn about the movement, share ideas and suggestions, and be inspired to act to reconnect children and youth to the natural world.  If you care about the health and well-being of children and want to help, this is the place to be.”
— John Thielbahr, Board Member, Child Care Resource & Referral Network

“The C&NN provides a rich fabric of support, research, transfer of experience, and a community-center of ideas, helping me grow as a leader and tie our efforts to something larger than the “right here and right now” of our local work.  In addition, C&NN as the face of a social movement is a peerless reference point—via the website in particular, but the many initiatives as well—allowing new contacts, recruits and converts to instantly assess the import, quality and immediacy of what the movement is trying to achieve.”
Paul Hai, Program Coordinator, Adirondack Ecological Center, SUNY-ESF

“The Children & Nature Network exemplifies the famous quotation from Margaret Mead about a small group of citizens changing the world—not only in the leadership for reconnecting children and nature that is provided by the organization, but also by the way that it serves as a hub—linking all the small groups of citizens throughout the United States and beyond. Take A Child Outside week has grown from a small idea to an international event thanks to the support from C&NN and its ability to share information, research, and ideas at a grand scale. C&NN is truly changing the world.”
— Liz Baird, Director of School Programs, North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences

“Working with the Children and Nature Network allows the US Fish and Wildlife Service to leverage partnerships and to reach out to new audiences. The Network connects us nationwide to the grassroots leadership of this movement so that we are truly connecting people with nature. The Natural Leaders engage emerging youth leaders, inspiring young adults to get outdoors in their local communities and onto their national public lands.”
— Janet Carrier Ady, Chief, Division of Education Outreach , US Fish and Wildlife Service

“The C&NN put into words what I never could, children and family profoundly bound in the natural world. Through its integrity of investigation, insight, and sharing, C&NN provided the tools that reinvigorated our efforts and revolutionized our professional partnerships. Even in these difficult times, we are counting our blessings and success.”
— Nancy Herron, Outdoor Learning Programs Manager, Texas Parks and Wildlife

“C&NN has been a valuable information point for me in terms of the blogs, articles and research volumes. It has helped me raise the profile of the need for nature-based education. I’m particularly pleased to be able to meet other people through C&NN Connect. The sharing of ideas and experiences is invaluable. As the saying goes ‘In a truly educational environment, experiences and ideas interact to create knowledge that feeds the seed of wisdom.’ It’s also interesting in that the network is becoming a mecca for authors who have written nature or outdoor books.”
Juliet Robertson, Outdoor Learning Consultant and Trainer, CreativeSTAR Learning Company, Aberdeenshire, U.K.

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