Zach Pine’s Earth Day Celebration: “Sphere-a-sizing” at Stinson Beach

Zach Pine’s Earth Day Celebration: “Sphere-a-sizing” at Stinson Beach
There was a whole lot of "sphere-a-sizing" going on Saturday at Stinson Beach.

Zach Pine, a Berkeley environmental artist, was showing beach-goers how to make sand globes, aka sand balls, using a counter-intuitive tossing technique he developed himself and calls "sphere-a-sizing."

This was a highlight of the 51-year-old artist's annual Create-with-Nature Earth Day Celebration, a hands-on collaborative art event he's hosted on the south end of the beach for the past seven years. It was in anticipation of the actual Earth Day on April 22.

"What I'm trying is to have a celebration at this place that will connect people to the earth and to each other in a way that conveys their collective power, because the problems the earth faces are too big to handle alone," he said over the sound of the surf. "So if you're in a place like this and you're together, you're enjoying yourself and you're seeing the power of good work, my hope is that this will carry forward into action on behalf of the earth."

But the first order of business on this sunny, breezy Saturday was learning how to make those amazing sand globes. Chris Krueger, a burly, 51-year-old computer programmer from Sausalito, wasn't having much luck trying to squeeze wet sand together between his big hands.

"Don't squish," Pine said, demonstrating a gentle tossing action that resulted in perfectly round sand balls of varying sizes.

"Zach's a pioneer," chimed Amy Pertschuk,

Krueger's wife, scooping…
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