Good Advice for Young and Old: Let’s Get Outdoors and Play

Good Advice for Young and Old: Let’s Get Outdoors and Play
Recently while walking on the Homer Spit, I saw two boys climbing on the rocks by Mariner Park. My first impulse was to go into adult nanny mode and ask the kids just what the heck they were up to and did they know they could get hurt?

Then I looked around and saw a car nearby and figured, Hey, their mom was watching them, and they'd be all right. Besides, kids should have the right to be kids, to play on the beach, to run wild in nature with minimal adult supervision.

Heck, that's what I did as a boy.

In their book, "Time Bandit: Two Brothers, the Bering Sea and One of the World's Deadliest Jobs," Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand write about growing up in Homer in the 1960s. "The Spit was our babysitter," they said. Visit the Spit on any summer day, and you'll see dozens of kids riding their bikes, wetting a line at the fishing hole or doing what kids do well: hanging out.

In Homer and nationally, a movement has started, Children and Nature, to get kids outside and play. Here in Homer we have Nature Rocks. April is national Let's G.O. Month — "G.O" for "get outdoors." Let's G.O. Homer events include camping, beach walks and intergenerational activities. At 6:30 p.m. April 21 a film, "Play Again," shows at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center about this movement. For more information, see the Children and Nature website at…
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