NH Children in Nature Conference to Focus on Getting Children Outside

NH Children in Nature Conference to Focus on Getting Children Outside
As she took a break for a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, Marilyn Wyzga was appreciating being outside.

“I’m sitting outdoors right now, and I feel 100 percent better than being under those fluorescent lights,” she said.

Wyzga’s passion is advocating for children to be outdoors and interacting with nature as much possible, so it should come as no surprise she was spending her free time on a clear September day without a roof over her head. She has been particularly busy of late, coordinating a conference that goes to the heart of her mission as wildlife educator for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

The New Hampshire Children in Nature Conference will be held Wednesday, Oct. 5 at the Cody Outdoor Center in Freedom. It is the third annual conference to be held by the New Hampshire Children in Nature Coalition, which is made up of organizations, businesses and individuals dedicated to reconnecting children and families with nature.

There’s been a dramatic shift over the past 30 years with children spending more time indoors, Wyzga said. Children can be overscheduled, shuttled from school to home, going days or even weeks without any meaningful interaction with nature and the outdoors, she said.

“With the best of intentions, parents are giving their children a cocooned experience,” Wyzga said.

With that trend has come higher rates of childhood obesity, higher rates of allergies, and more children being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.

The goal of…
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