Nature-Based Playground Coming to Life in Concord, MA

Nature-Based Playground Coming to Life in Concord, MA
Concord — The Playscape at Ripley will be a place where people of all ages and abilities can play, relax and interact with their environment.

“It’s about getting people outside,” said Jennifer Saxe, alumni relations and development coordinator for Concord Children’s Center. “We want people to be outside in ways that are open-ended, creative and imaginative. The Playscape will keep things creative for adults and kids.”

The Playscape at Ripley, a play area that will “purposefully connect individuals of all abilities with nature; foster cognitive, social and emotional growth; and encourage young and old alike to get outside,” according to the Playscape website, will be located next to the Ripley Building on Meriam Road in Concord where Concord Children’s Center is located.

Construction on the Playscape started last month and is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Thanks to donations from the community and funding from Concord’s Community Preservation Act, Phase One of the two-phase project should be completed by spring 2013, Brooke said.

Since before 2008, the Concord Children’s Center, along with other early childhood organizations in Concord, have discussed their concerns about the lack of availability to unstructured nature-based play areas for children.

Saxe said discussions really picked up in 2010 about the need for a natural play area in town.

According to the Playscape website, a 2007 report from the American Academy of Pediatrics warned of the “decline in children’s spontaneous and creative play – a decline which can negatively impact…
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