Therapeutic Wilderness Program Supports National Great Outdoors Month

Therapeutic Wilderness Program Supports National Great Outdoors Month
By Presidential Proclamation, June is celebrated as National Great Outdoors Month. Trails Carolina, a therapeutic wilderness program for struggling teens and youth, supports the efforts of our federal and state governments to reacquaint teens with the benefits of being outdoors.

Trails Carolina utilizes the wilderness in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina to help adolescents and their families regain control of their lives’ and step onto a brighter path. It is our belief and experience that a natural outdoor environment is the ideal setting for teens to evaluate their life choices and develop tools for success.

“Any good coach will tell their players that the key to success is in getting back to the basics,” explains Carla Shorts MS, LPC/I, NCC and Primary Therapist at Trails Carolina wilderness program. “We provide a space for teens to get back to the basics of life, free from the distractions and hectic schedules of modern living. The simple act of being outdoors can work wonders: children with high anxiety can develop a sense of calm; the effects of ADD can be lessened and attention span improved; and the unbending rules of nature encourage kids to take accountability for their actions.”

Society’s lack of quality time in the outdoors gained national attention in 2005 when Richard Louv published his book, "Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder". In it, he brought to light the alarming effects of limiting our children’s exposure to natural settings. He also…
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