Think Bike Racks, Not Car Spaces

Think Bike Racks, Not Car Spaces
It’s a relatively small patch of ground. But its fate has big implications.

In fact, I’d argue the proposed expansion of the parking lot at Thames Park is a litmus test for the direction Londoners want to go with the city’s core.

At issue is a city proposal discussed at a public meeting at St. Martin Catholic School last week to make a number of improvements to the main entrance of Thames Park at 15 Ridout St. South, next to the Thames River. The plan includes improved pedestrian connections, accessible parking closer to the pool’s main entrance, better emergency access, improved lighting and the planting of 20 trees.

That all sounds good.

But what’s raised the eyebrows of many — including Coun. Denise Brown — is the proposed addition of 60 new parking spaces.

The additional parking spots are apparently needed because the recently renovated Thames Park pool is proving so popular. But Brown says she’s checked out the situation almost every day for the past week or so, and each time has found plenty of available parking.

Of course, it may be different at other times — like, for instance, when there’s a swim competition. But Brown has an answer for that.

“Make different arrangements,” she says. “Tell people to car pool or park at Horton and Ridout. There are solutions other than paving the little bit of green space we have left in our city.”

Brown is referring to the…
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