Japanese Scholar: Children’s Green Awareness Can Spread and Change Society

Japanese Scholar: Children’s Green Awareness Can Spread and Change Society
Japanese scholar Hiroshi Abe said educating the younger generation, rather than utilizing advanced technology, is more important in environmental protection.
As one of the organizers as well as the speaker at an academic conference, Abe delivered his presentation, titled “The Groundwork for Protecting Nature – From a Japanese Point of View”. In the public talk, the Japanese scholar focused on how to lay new groundwork for the protection of nature. He referred to the Japanese traditional view of nature and to some 17th century Japanese thinkers. Instead of supporting “cultural particularism”, he showed some similarities between Western and Japanese ways of philosophical thinking.

Abe argued that kids are not the sole and direct object of education. “Some of my friends work in big enterprises that may work against environmental protection. Their kids asked what their parents are doing to nature after learning [about environmentalism] from schools, which made my friends reflect. If children learn about nature, they will teach their parents. It could spread by kids and slowly change our society.”
Abe is an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University in Japan, specializing in philosophy and environmental ethics.

Concerning nuclear pollution, Abe told the Times that no remarkable progress has been made in Japan, even though two years had passed. And he believed the “unpredictability” of nuclear impact is harmful to human beings, which could also be applied to the current nuclear threat from North Korea. “I worry that the future…
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