A Camp for Kids Who Love to Dig into the Dirt

A Camp for Kids Who Love to Dig into the Dirt
Shared Legacy Farms in Elmore has long been known for its community involvement, but this year it is stepping things up by bringing things down to a level the younger generation can understand. First and second graders are invited to join Farm Science Camp.

The first of two camps is running this week, and about a dozen kids are having fun learning about a variety of farm topics, including seeds, flowers and bugs. On Monday, the children learned about the importance of soil on a farm.

“Making good soil is like making a recipe,” said camp instructor Jahnine Blosser.

The students were given plastic boxes filled with soil “ingredients” such as rocks, water and worms that they poured into a big box to make soil. They learned big science terms like “organic matter” and “microorganism.”

When it came time to mix the soil together, camp director Corinna Bench encouraged the kids to dig into the dirt with their bare hands. Bench owns the farm with her husband, Kurt Bench.

“Dirt is very healthy. It’s very good for you,” she told the kids.

In addition to science experiments, the Farm Science Camp also includes hands-on farm chores, games and snacks that come from the Shared Legacy Farms’ fields. The purpose of the camp is to have a positive influence on the way people eat and think about food.

Because so many modern children do not know where food comes from or how it is…
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