Feeling Down? Then Get Dirty! Soil Is the New Prozac.

Feeling Down? Then Get Dirty! Soil Is the New Prozac.
It’s official, soil microbes have been found to have similar effects on the brain and are without side effects of anti-depressents or the chemical dependency potential. So if you are feeling a bit blue, get digging!

Mycobacterium vaccae has indeed been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier. Studies were conducted on cancer patients and they reported a better quality of life and less stress.

Lack of serotonin has been linked to depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar problems. The bacterium appears to be a natural antidepressant in soil and has no adverse health effects. These antidepressant microbes in soil may be as easy to use as just playing in the dirt.

Most avid gardeners will tell you that their landscape is their “happy place” and the actual physical act of gardening is a stress reducer and mood lifter. The fact that there is some science behind it adds additional credibility to these garden addicts’ claims.

Dr Christopher Lowry, a neuroscientist at the University of Bristol in England, had a hunch about how this process might work. “What we think happens is that the bacteria activate immune cells, which release chemicals called cytokines that then act on receptors on the sensory nerves to increase their activity,” he says.

The results so far suggest that simply inhaling M. vaccae—you get a dose just by taking a walk…
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  1. I have read about this before and even blogged about it…it answers so many questions and could have a tie-in (I feel) with increasing depression and anxiety rates, as we have both depleted our soils of these microbes to a large extent, and we sometimes (again…IMO) wash TOO frequently and are just not in physical contact with them anymore. Good article. 🙂


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