Survey Shows Parents Want More Outdoor Nature Play for Kids in School

Survey Shows Parents Want More Outdoor Nature Play for Kids in School
Parental fears and busy schedules are found to be leading contributors as to why parents say they struggle to get their kids outside to play and reduce the amount of time spent in front of a screen. This finding, announced today, is part of a nationwide survey on how kids play by EnviroKidz -- North America's largest organic kids' breakfast and snack brand by Nature's Path. To help kids capture the lifelong health and social benefits of outside play, EnviroKidz has launched a new outdoor nature discovery program called "ecokeepers™" ( Free to schools and camps, it complements science and physical education curriculum by blending tactical hands-on discovery with geocaching -- a modern-day treasure hunt that uses GPS on smartphones to find hidden caches.

"As a parent, I know firsthand the struggles to get kids away from devices and TV," says Darren Mahaffy, VP Marketing for Nature's Path. "There's tons of research that clearly shows kids are healthier and perform better in school when they play outside in nature. We wanted to address the barriers parents face in getting their kids outside and create a program to help solve that problem and in turn, capture kids' natural curiosity and sense of wonder to create tomorrow's environmental leaders."

Of the parents surveyed, 94% say they would like schools to help their kids get outside and discover nature. The free ecokeepers program delivers on this need and can be easily adapted into existing school and camp programs. Suitable for both…
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  1. why cant the parents get their kids outside, take a walk after supper, show kids the outdoors themselves. I don’t mean to be rude but why do they want the schools to do everything???


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