Children & Nature Network Announces Launch of New Research Library and Research Digest

Children & Nature Network Announces Launch of New Research Library and Research Digest
For immediate release: September 23, 2016
Media Contact: Laura Mylan 612.237.2815

The Children & Nature Network (C&NN) is pleased to announce the launch of its new online Research Library, containing more than 400 peer-reviewed research articles relevant to the children and nature movement. This expertly curated, free online resource offers robust search functionality to help users find scientific evidence about the benefits of increased nature access for children, families and communities. To keep readers informed of the latest additions to the Research Library, C&NN is also launching a monthly Research Digest on Monday, September 25, 2016.

Articles in the Research Library are international in scope, represent a variety of research methodologies, and are drawn from the scientific literature of different disciplines, including public health, urban design, education, psychology, conservation, architecture and more.

Since its founding, C&NN has been committed to building evidence-based tools and resources to advance the children and nature movement. In 2007, C&NN co-founder and CEO Emerita, Dr. Cheryl Charles, developed the first volume of scientific literature on children and nature and established the C&NN website as a “go to” resource for evidence-based information. Two years ago, C&NN demonstrated its continuing commitment to the science behind the benefits of nature by launching a Research Library—an online, searchable database of the scientific literature collected since 2006. Since then, the children and nature movement has grown, as has the need for evidence-based information, and the need for a more sophisticated and robust online search experience.

"The Children & Nature Network was founded with the belief that science-based evidence about the benefits of nature connection (and the risks of not being connected) is crucial for advancing the children and nature movement," says C&NN’s Executive Director, Sarah Milligan-Toffler. “We hope that the studies and peer-reviewed literature now available in our Research Library will help community organizers, parents, educators, policy makers and more make the case for increasing equitable access to nature for all children.”

C&NN's Research Library team curates and summarizes peer-reviewed literature exclusively, and updates the collection regularly, with guidance and support from an expert Scientific Advisory Council. Foundational funding for the Research Library was provided by the Turner Family Foundation.

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  1. Great Idea! Is there a model for starting mini CNN’s across the country?

    I would like to start : Connecting Children to Community and Nature (CCCN)

    Partnering with schools where the Students are involved in all aspects (fund raising, planning, education, etc) of Re-Wilding, Greening, Preserving History through restoration projects, interpratives,etc.


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