School Gardens Are More Than a Trend

School Gardens Are More Than a Trend
Seven-year-old Karmen Mudd dug her finger into the cool, damp dirt, scooping a shallow hole in the raised bed.

The winter air was misty and chilly —perfect weather for planting leafy greens like spinach, experts say.

"First you dig a little hole. Then you drop some seeds in there," said Karmen in a sing-song voice with a chorus of other John J. Pershing Elementary first-graders.
 She continued with the song, "Cover them with lots of dirt. Give them water, song and care."
In the hole, she placed three seeds, smoothing a blanket of soil on top and then shoving her dirt-stained hands in the pockets of her black hoodie that covered a head of braids.

Eventually, sprouts of green — early signs of leafy spinach — will poke through the ground of this school garden. Nearby, dark green zucchini squashes larger than the size of a ruler overflowed from a wooden trough bed.
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