Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time

Texas School Beats ADHD by Tripling Recess Time
While most school districts across the country are cutting back on recess time and ramping up the Ritalin, one Texas school has kindergartners and first graders sitting still and “incredibly attentive.”

What’s their secret? Their recess time has tripled.

Instead of 20 minutes of recess per day, Eagle Mountain Elementary kindergartners and first graders now get an hour, broken up into four 15-minute breaks, in addition to lunchtime.

Their teachers say it’s totally transformed them.

The kids are less fidgety, less distracted, more engaged in learning and make more eye contact.
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  1. I’m disappointed that CNN would share this “article” instead of real reporting from an actual news source. There is clearly a bias here: school districts don’t “[ramp] up the Ritalin…” Parents make informed decisions about their child’s mental, emotional, and physical health and many other factors including school performance before they make the decision to medicate their children for ADHD and other behavioral disorders and medical conditions. Outdoor time and body movement is integral to treatment and management plans for ADHD, and I wish U.S. schools prioritized this for all of our children regardless of diagnoses, but these kinds of headlines and “articles” don’t do much but to “other” kids who struggle with attention and body control.

    • Jenette Restivo

      Hello Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate learning our readers’ perspectives on the news articles that we share. While the story of the LINK program has been covered by major media outlets including ABC News and NPR, your point about potentially misleading information regarding prescribing meds in schools is taken. Because we are excited to see wide exposure to the program, we have decided to share the NPR article on our social channels when covering the LINK program.

      Best regards,

      C&NN Communications Team

    • I would only comment as a Trustee, that it’s a huge assumption that parents are making informed decisions about their childrens mental, physical, and emotional health. It’s been my experience that many do, but a large majority don’t understand the benefits from more outdoor activity at school and at home. I would only encourage more parents to take more time with their kids outside and see for themselves the overwhelming benefits from more outside time. And this would apply to all seasons.

  2. Yup… what Jim said.


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