Can Your Child’s Phone Bring Them Closer to Nature?

Can Your Child’s Phone Bring Them Closer to Nature?
Picture the scene. A group of children standing on a forest path. One of them kneels down and takes out his phone to record an animal track. He opens an app and scans the paw print. Suddenly a badger pops up on the screen and his friends huddle round the phone to watch the badger amble down the path and into the forest.

This scenario is fiction and the app, which identifies animal tracks and displays a simulation of the animal superimposed over a live camera feed, does not exist. But judging by the explosion of Pokemon Go, something of this nature is a real possibility.

How might such an app influence children’s experiences of nature and their learning of scientific phenomena?

We don’t have the answer to this question just yet, but a new research project “Natural Technology” supported by the Nordea Fonden aims to find out.
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  1. Using electronics for transduction of nature is demonic. We evolved in a natural world which has a “time scale” which is an eternity away from tiny pixels moving at the speeds of an electron.

    We cannot imitate the speed of grass or a tree with a laser.


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