New Guide Encourages Outdoor Play During School Hours

New Guide Encourages Outdoor Play During School Hours
The International School Grounds Alliance and Green Schoolyards America recently published a new, expanded version of their Activity Guides set. This free online resource is designed to engage children aged 3-18 in using their school grounds for play, learning, health, and ecologic connection and benefit.
 It is an important tool for educators, school leaders, city planners, landscape designers, nonprofits, and public agencies looking to understand and implement a greener, healthier, more engaging model for school ground design, use, and management.
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  1. Can I purchase a hard copy of this guide? I founded the Center for Environmental Education in 1989 and authored “Blueprint For a Green School,” published by Scholastic in 1995. With the explosion of direct access to resources via the internet in the late 90’s early 2000’s, I opted to dissolve my board of directors and turn all of the materials (16,000) over to Antioch New England in Keene, New Hampshire. The Center then went with our fabulous director, Cynthia Thomashow, up to Unity College in Maine. Since I’ve been serving on the board for NGO’s that are doing fabulous work. I’m especially interested in getting kids outdoors and green spaces for all urban children, so this guide is of great interest to me.

    • Jenette Restivo

      Hello Jayni,
      The guide is free and available online. A link from the post will take you to the pdf to download it.


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