Kids Go WILD in Colorado, Thanks to New GOCO Campaign

Kids Go WILD in Colorado, Thanks to New GOCO Campaign
Inspiring kids across Colorado to once again put down their screens and get outdoors, Generation Wild kicks off its second year with a creative marketing campaign and activities across the state.

Because so many kids today are over-scheduled, over-screened and over-protected – and spending as little as 4-7 minutes outside each day – the Generation Wild campaign is a movement to change this dynamic by inspiring kids (and moms) to get outside more often, letting their imaginations and curiosity run wild.

Created and launched by Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) last year, the Generation Wild campaign features “100 Things to Do Before You’re 12,” a vibrant compilation of activities from simple pleasures like burying a time capsule and making a mudpie, to more challenging adventures like riding a horse or hiking a 14er.
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