Why Low-tech and Outdoor Play Is Trending in Education

Why Low-tech and Outdoor Play Is Trending in Education
Hidden behind the unremarkable frontage of a low-rise warehouse in the Mission district of San Francisco is one of the most innovative education experiments in the US. Now in its seventh year, Brightworks is turning education on its head with an approach that makes the pupil entirely responsible for shaping their own learning experience. A private school for children of all ages, Brightworks is unusual in that there are no exams, no testing or SATs, no formal curriculum, no learning objectives and no teachers, only “collaborators”. Children come to school to work on projects they devise entirely by themselves — often using power tools, drills, hammers and saws. Whether inside, creating extraordinary large-scale metal works, or outside on field trips around the Bay Area and beyond, the emphasis is on playful stress-free learning.

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  1. Hello! Well done. Eventually you get it, now that the whole social media addiction has been unleashed onto our families and children. Now that we have been the biggest human experiment in the world. Now you feel that going back to basics is the cool alternative to the world you have now created for the rest of us to live in,without choice.While feeling excited about Brightworks in essence, this shouldnt be for the rich kids whose parents can afford it, this approach should now be a necessary and main part of most childrens curricula in the world, for their proper development and mental wellbeing. Lets really have a proper conversation about this….


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